Arize® represents a new era in controlled environment agriculture. Intelligent and efficient use of light is a cornerstone of modern, controlled-environment agriculture. GE Current offers a complete range of professional LED lighting fixtures as well as hybrid solutions for indoor and greenhouse horticultural applications. From propagation and clone production through to year-round, scalable lighting for large indoor farms and commercial greenhouses. The go-to solution for commercial growers of all sizes, Arize® light fixtures can scale as your business grows, offering industrial-strength reliability, and class-leading efficiency.

The Grow Connection sells the complete portfolio of GE Current LED fixtures. 

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Arize ™ Element L-1000

The slim and elegant design of Arize Element® Greenhouse LED fixtures has been refined over our many years serving commercial cultivators worldwide. The go-to solution for commercial greenhouse growers of all sizes, the next generation of the Arize Element L1000 can scale as your business grows, offering industrial-strength reliability, and class-leading efficiency. Engineered to provide true 1:1 replacement for the 1000w HPS greenhouse fixtures, cultivators can produce top quality harvests in all seasons while enjoying massive energy cost reductions compared with HPS grow lights. Supported by a five-year warranty

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Arize ™ Element L-400

The Arize™ Element L400 top light is an LED growing system for photoperiod extension or low DLI crops. The compact Element L400 delivers up to 550 µmol/s with minimal shadowing, and radiates negligible heat compared to an HPS or CMH system, for year-round growing. True 1:1 replacement for the 400w HPS greenhouse fixtures. Industrial-strength reliability, market-leading efficiency and superior uniformity. Arize Element® LED fixtures are passively cooled with  state-of-the-art heat sinks for a longer lifespan and PAR maintenance. IP66 rating gives peace of mind when using in humid and wet environments.

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Arize ™ Factor ML 900

Arize ® Factor ML900 is the current’s flagship professional indoor LED solution for full lifecycle and flowering cannabis as well as other high-density indoor flowering and fruiting crops. Arize® Factor ML900 is proudly assembled in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Protected by our standard five-year warranty and a >50,000 hour (L90) lifetime, this state-of-the-art professional horticultural lighting fixture is the basis of consistent high yields for years to come. Vertical farming and flowering our way to a greener the future!

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Arize ™ Factor ML 300

Arize ® Factor provides a vertical and scalable lighting solution for the most demanding, high-density, indoor cultivators. Arize® Factor adapts to your growing style, rather than the other way around. The side mount can be installed on the side of a grow cart using a transversal bar, meaning it can easily fit underneath ventilation equipment. The power supply can be remotely mounted up to 12’ (3.6m) away from the light bars helping growers to make the most of available vertical space.

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Arize ™ LIFE2

Raise hundreds and thousands of healthy and vigorous seedlings or cuttings using minimal floorspace and energy. Highly versatile and scalable lighting fixtures engineered specifically to power professional propagation, vertical, and multi-tier cultivation. Ideal for clone rooms, tissue culture and seed propagation. Four all-new spectra complete our 9 spectral offerings, for every stage from propagation through to harvest. Our PPR and PKR spectrums deliver a red-rich light for efficient plant growth while our PPF and PKF options encourage a robust stem expansion response for perpetual generation of sturdy and vigorous plant stock. 

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Developing a Light Plan

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Each type of crop and every variety, greenhouse construction and location in the world requires an individual approach. This means that the optimum light plan must be tailor-made. Based on individual needs, we create the ideal light plan with the appropriate uniformity and depth. In order to achieve optimal production and the highest possible uniformity, it is important to have sufficient light reception, the right light recipe, and the optimum light intensity for the product that is being cultivated. All of these aspects contribute to achieving consistently high production and crop quality. We use a light plan to determine exactly what this uniform light distribution will look like.

Our engineers and partners have decades of experience in creating light plans to suit growers’ own situations and goals.

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