Agro Top Garden is a professional horticultural supplier that has dedicated itself in recent years and specialized in the advice and sale of grow equipment for plants.

Agro Top Garden is your expert in advice and sales of:

  High-quality plant fertilizers

  Customized substrates

  LED and high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting

The founders of Agro Top Garden have a rich history in the different dimensions of the horticultural sector and know the daily practice of the horticultural company as well as its service providers and suppliers. With this, a lot of expertise, passion and a large network has been built up. Combined with genuine entrepreneurship, it was abundantly clear that they themselves went for it in 2015 and founded Agro Top Garden.

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Agro Top Garden knows the customer’s world inside and out; she knows exactly what is going on. The advice and solutions of Agro Top Garden thus provide significant added value to entrepreneurs within the horticultural sector.
Agro Top Garden considers long-term relationships with its customers important and therefore acts accordingly: they focus on fast delivery times, are reliable and loyal and believe that an appointment is an appointment – after all, it is about an optimally satisfied customer.

For your green inspirations

With the use of GE Current LED lamps you ensure healthier plants, which is another reason why GE Current is a smart option for crops.


Arize Professional Horticultural Lighting Solutions

Intelligent and efficient use of light is a cornerstone of modern controlled environment agriculture. Current offers a complete range of professional LED lighting fixtures and hybrid solutions for indoor and greenhouse horticultural applications, from propagation and microgreens production through to year-round, scalable lighting for large indoor farms and commercial greenhouses.

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Superior mixes for all of today’s demands

A professional grower wants the optimal growing media mixes best suited to their crops. That sounds simple, but this involves a huge range of variables. Every crop demands a reliable and consistent substrate composition to ensure optimal yield, plant stability, nutrient supply, water retention and ultimately, plant quality. Growers today also see more demand for organic crops and environmentally-friendly cultivation methods. 

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HY-PRO premium  Fertilizers

Hy-Pro Fertilizers has gained worldwide recognition for its high-quality product range and the ease of use of these products. Hy-Pro plant nutrition is carefully composed so you do not need dozens of different products. A crucial selection of nutrients – fit for any growers toolkit. All indoorplants and most (urban) gardens can not flourish without fertilizers and supplements. Hy-Pro fertilizers are high quality plant fertilizers that provide essential macronutrients, micronutrients and trace elements – helping plants combat their (often) less than ideal location. 

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